Sunday, March 14, 2010

Has it really been a more than a month since I posted? We're a little busy around here with our million-watt baby and the attending storm of tiny disasters. Thea is practically a toddler which means head bonkage and danger lust. This freaks me out a little bit, sentimentally and too because of the vigilance required overseeing these negotiations. If you met her I wouldn't have to tell you that she is a very intense person. Add that she has been trapped in a neurological prison and you might get an idea of the kind thriving will I am talking about.

I haven't had much experience with babies for the last couple decades, not since my brother John was one. In my memory, he was such a sweet, rosy-cheeked baby with blond nap-hair fluffed up on the back of his head. I can't hardly picture him without a halo. Sweet, sweet John. He and Anita are expecting their first baby this August.

Anyway, we've been sick here. Real sick. Everyone has a prescription, if not two. Inhalers, antibiotics, cough syrup and pain medications. I was the last to fall but a few days ago I got the chills and a wet cough. Then I woke up yesterday morning, Sunday, with a riotous ear infection hours before the Immediate Care clinic opened. I sat in their parking lot with one eye squeezed shut listening to the whoosh of blood in my ear not thinking at all.

Segue to nowhere: Thea's third tooth came in yesterday and she's feeling bitey. Right now, I have the cat and dog to protect.


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