Thursday, August 20, 2009

My friend Beer, who maybe you remember if you were reading this blog five years ago, called me from Thailand last night while I was working, and after the phone sat there for 25 minutes buzzing again and again I handed it over to my friend Rebecca to answer for me, to find out why/for was I such a hotly sought property. She answered and was like WHAT? WHO? BEAR FROM CHINA? I DON'T THINK SO and was about to hang up when I got that "Beer from Thailand" might sounds awfully like "Bear from China" over a bad connection with a strong accent after four years and enough of a lag to start talking over half of every sentence. OMG I'd totally given her up. A few months ago, in a freak fit of pre-baby cleaning, I even threw away the 723-digit phone numbers for her grandmother's house where nobody even speaks English because it just seemed too impossible... and because it was taking up too much space?? Rebecca told her I couldn't talk so she said she'd call back in an hour then never did.

So I sat around in an overheated and foul mood today, in part because WTF? Priorities? and because I feel like a lousy mom when I'm always over-tired because I can't go to bed on time. Ahem. And, and, and... am I stimulating my baby's brain enough? Is she bored of me singing the same stupid songs? Did she just fart because I selfishly nibbled a broccoli stem? I put her in the exersaucer today because I feel so guilty about my messy house then I was ravaged by guilt for not holding her. DO MOMS EVER WIN? Can someone tell me what it looks like when you are doing everything, or even most things right?

Anyhoo... Tonight Beer called me again and I was here to answer. She'd been back briefly to Portland and couldn't find me, lost my number, went to the house where I no longer lived and the job I no longer held, looked up me up by the last name that I no longer use and finally, after she was already back in Thailand someone gave her my old number which is apparently, luckily, the only thing I have held onto for the last four years. Well, that's about the greatest thing that has happened to me after, you know, the baby and stuff.

Speaking of... here she is!

knuckle sammich


oh toe!!


She is 12 weeks old now and prefers to be held standing, otherwise she slumps. She is rolling over, swiping at toys, drooling, teething, and growing more hair. She recently discovered and is fascinated by her feet which have been doing stuff all along apparently without her knowledge, and she stamps them like a Lipizzaner when we ask her 2+2, which we do when we know she is going to stamp her feet. She sleeps most of the night, most nights, as she always has... except tonight bause now i hear her fussing and haveto go bye

Monday, August 03, 2009

10 weeks old

Beset by octopi

Aplague with musical ducks

Giraffe-wrastling phalanges

Full-body baby camo


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