Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mayakka River

the one i saw

We drove north, then east from Sarasota to tour the state park on Mayakka River. The park was drier than last year. We did not wade through tea colored puddles on the forest trails. The water did not come up to the road. The ferns, high in the tree boughs, were dry and shriveled. There were alligators, honking and barking like pigs in the weedy swamp grasses but we did not see many of them. Only one, actually, and another one was accidentally photographed with my zoom lens which I did not discover until much later that night. Does that count? I don’t think so.

the one i didn't see

We spent the afternoon at Siesta Key beach down where the birds congregate. The water, as is usual this summer, was choppy but warm. I hop-toed out to a sandbar trying to photograph pelicans but they are savvy and elusive. The needle fish are also somewhat coy, unless I don’t have a camera with me, in which case they bonk straight into me with their careless needly snouts. Otherwise they dart to the peak of the next swell, just out of focus.

a congregation of birds


asha said...
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asha said...

Oops. Second try.

I agree. Needle fish are very crafty, much more so than dolphins who are, above all, big teases who love playing peek-a-boo whenever there's a camera around. In comparison, Manatees are true innocents who like a good scratch now and then but otherwise don't touch or you'll end up in jail. But you know all that.


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