Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As it darkens I see more of myself, except where the street lights flash.  Outside this window is the perfect urban street corner; leaves rustle, people smoke in congenial groups, traffic pulses like blood through the intersection.

Last year I said I would not come back to this coffee shop when the barista stared at me dumbly for ordering a grande coffee.  Can you see, her blank face says, I do not understand what you say.  Is this Starbucks I don’t think so because I don’t even know what Starbucks means.  I don’t even know what it means.  

Ironically, I refuse to use Starbucks naming convention on the occasion I go into one of their coffee shops as well:  
A 16oz I say.  
Huh? I say, just a 16oz coffee.  
Is that 16 ounces?  I don’t know, because I just want coffee!  16 ounces of it!  

I forgot about my promise until I was already sitting at the window.  All I want is to find safe haven where I can be left alone to do work.  There's always a reason though, isn't there.  I still broke a promise. 

Through the window, this perfect urban street corner and I have reached a compromised opacity. My work is done, and I’m just lingering because my work is never done.  


Don said...

A compromised opacity. Oh man.

At *$ I always order medium or large and do not deign to notice their reaction.

asha said...

Sweet sweet more more!, they clamor.

someone said...

Coffee time? I just texted you. I'll get a 20 oz. I'm with you.

I'm looking at the text below to prove I'm not a robot, but turns out i am a middle aged woman with failing eyesight. I have no fucking idea what the words are. One looks like a number and one looks like espresso spelled with f's.


someone said...

got it.

eclectic said...

Mmmm... coffee!


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