Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm gonna hug you!

I missed the start of summer.  It was days ago, and too much resembled other days in a long string of days.  It  just slipped by.  I also have been publishing to my secret blog and, you know, there just isn't enough time or attention for two. 

 So hi!  I'm in school and working.  My hair stays in a messy bun.  I'm gardening, and sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a night.  I'm raising a daughter, two dogs and a cat -- all of whom start pacing my side of the bed at 630am, impatient for food, for attention, for the day to start.  Last year's teenager been packed off to college and there's a new one in her place; a lanky, slouchy tween.  Our bedroom had been just moved downstairs, then back upstairs to make room for the step-daughter . . .  and in the process, which seems to be long-term, things just settle where they land. 

My phone is full so I can't take anymore pictures unless I use an app that creates smaller files.  I'm an operating system and 35 app updates behind modernity.  I can't get relief uploading from my phone to my laptop because my laptop is full as well, also unable even to be updated.  I'm in a total data bottleneck.  It took me 9 days to back up my computer to a cloud -- and now I have to also save everything to a TB external hard drive before I start deleting files to make room for all the pictures I'm not taking.  All this time, I do have a airport time capsule, but it is not storage as it deletes old backups, and it has already been fried and replaced once. 

So that is the state of things here, in case you were wondering.  I'm gonna do this blog as soon as my broken toe heals, as soon as I can bench press 95lbs and when my roses are deadheaded.  Plus, I've got some quadratic equations to graph.  Also, it's great fun to menace this 3yo with hugs.  See her squeal as she tries to get away?  That's how you do summer. 


eclectic said...

Oh Thea, I want to hug you, too! She's 3?!? How on earth did that happen?! Yikes!

asha said...

SECRET BLOG?!?!? Surely you jest. Lucky you've posted so many lovely photos of Thea Bug that distract me. She looks fully launched into summer. What a darling.

So is this your bi-annual post or dare we hope....?

Don said...

So-o-o-o-o cute!

Sekrit blogs come and go. I've had them. Don't right now. But they can serve a valuable purpose. Keep it sekrit! Keep it safe.

Kristiana said...

Actually, there is no secret blog. I just say that to torture my mother.

... or is there??

Iron Fist said...

Yikes, how did you break your toe?!

Kristiana said...

Stumbling over toys in the dark of night -- ER and X-rays and all that. At the rate I'm stubbing toes though, I'm afraid I'll never heal.

asha said...

Kisses to the toe but a little spank on the bum for torturing your poor mum again.

Roy said...

Wait a minute . . . that's a two-wheeler. You better hug her, before she races off to college or Albuquerque or some place.

I love your cell phone pictures. They are the 21st Century polaroids. I've decided they are usually superior to $1,600 Canon DSLR pictures.

Actually, blogorahmah is my secret blog.

someone said...

I have a secret blog but nobody cares. I torture myself.

See you Saturday.

mayim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mayim said...

are you writing anywhere lately that i can read? i recently came back to this blog-o-mine, and i miss reading you! (:


Kristiana said...

Mayim! I'm not writing much. I was shocked to come back here and see that I haven't posted since November. Where are you?

mayim said...

i had a wordpress thing for a while, but i never felt at home there, so i'm back at the old blog:


i haven't been writing as much (blog-wise) these days, either (kiddo, grad school, life) but i'm going through a sort of emotional upheaval, so writing again seems to be calling me as a form of catharsis and self-reflection.

good to see you again!


Kristiana said...

mayim -- your blog is private and I don't have any options for requesting access. I'd like to keep in touch but this is all I got. Find me here. Hope you are well!



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