Thursday, January 12, 2012

When you know the rules, you can break them

There isn't a lot of time for writing and when I have it, I sit in front of the computer squirming until the time is almost run out.  There is rarely an exception to this, except for the times when I have been prolific, when writing becomes a natural extension of sitting.  Thinking on that note, there was one very prolific year on this blog and, at the risk of drawing your attention to the horribly embarrassing archives, it was a long long time ago.  Turns out I've been here, in my very quiet corner, for over 8 years. I know some people don't consider this real writing, but I like to be here, when I can be here. When I can sit still and extend myself. 


Don said...

I was just thinking the other day, or perhaps the other month, more likely the other year, but some time anyway since you last wrote anything, that with this one blog you have gone from roller skate skinny to engaged to married to preggers to a mother of a delightful toddler and the great thing is that, unlike some peeps, you didn't keep quitting and making new blogs, you just did this one. Big plus. And forget embarrassing, your art with language is a wonder at times. I hope you get to sit still some more soon. Sitting still time is awfully hard to get.

asha said...

I'm with Don. Your blog is a real journey. I'm glad when you do even a short note of a post. You are one of my very favorite writers. Here's to more.

Kristiana said...

yes don, a LOT has changed. sometimes i wish i hadn't been so opaque about what was going on in my life, just so i had more of a record for myself. sometimes i didn't realize the events were so profound until later. anyway, thanks for noticing the arc!

mom - thea is my favorite writer! funny how that works. heh! MOMS!! amirite?

eclectic said...

My blog is still exactly the same, right down to the format, as it has been since inception 7 years ago... although like everyone else these days, I almost never post anything anymore. Still, it's akin to an online diary and I like having it. I love you being here. And Brooke is one of MY favorite writers, so yes, youareright!

nina said...

The time will come when your kid(s) will be old(er) and you will be old(er) and you will have time to post and I hope I will be alive then to keep on reading.
I started my blog 8 years ago too and I am in that fortunate category of now having time, or at least most days I have time, so that I could post through marriage, divorce, new partner, kids leaving, graduating, moving, all that.
So, thank you too for not giving up. I'm always happy when my side bar shows that you've put up a post.
A photo of your girl is also always a joy. She changes too and you're great with the camera.
Happy blog anniversary (if there is one) and thanks for posting!

Roy said...

I think it is real writing, if that's how you approach it. I'm glad you do.

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