Friday, November 18, 2011

There are no windows in this room, except for the transom over the double doors, and the two panes in the doors themselves.  The building is on a hill, and outside these windows, the land falls away steeply so that all I can see from where I sit is pine tops lifting from the mist.  It's always misty here, except on the mornings when it's foggy.


Roy said...

I am not sure why, but today is the first time I noticed this month-old post. The mind . . . slips, plays tricks. I had no trouble picturing where you are--or were, anyway. I have certain memories of Oregon that always have in them an element of dreary, foggy rain. And pine tops! Not all bad.

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas, etc.! I am so sorry that baby Thea will probably only get one or two toys . . . and not probably A MOUNTAIN of toys and things. Sarcasm . . .

Lucky you, for Christmas will be real for several more years now. I must make repeated mental notes to put the tree up and decorate it.

Lunch time. This was a nice chat!

Yeah I know I'm losing it.

Kristiana said...

Actually it's just dated a month ago because that was when I started to compose... something, I don't know what. I impulsively posted it last night because, hell, what is there to lose? Readership? I want to feel like I'm still here, writing.

Yes, Merry Christmas! I'm setting the hook this year by getting Thea really excited so that from now on I can remind her Santa is watching when she doesn't eat her vegetables or go to bed on time. I'm gonna make parenthood thing look easy.

No, you're not daft. Thanks for noticing I'm still here!

Brandon said...

maybe you have started a new trend. write something into your journal and don't post it online until after you've had a month to think about it.

come to think of it, i think that's long forgotten practice known as common sense. good riddance!

Kristiana said...

i wish i could say that were the case, but really it's a bit of laziness and some impulsivity.

thanks for always seeing the best in me brandon!

someone said...

Ah, you've been posting! Fun read. Well, its Christmas now. Happy happy. Lets get together for more than Words.

eclectic said...

Happy New Year! May it be filled with vegetable eating and bedtime observing... or not, whichever. Here's to lots of laughter, either way. Cheers!


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