Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Go, baby, go!

Tonight, this happened!  Thea pushed aside a grilled cheese sandwich and reached for the plate of raw veggies we serve with dinner every night.  All is right with the world.  Anything is possible.

I can relax now, bounce clear-eyed grandbabies on my knee under the Bodhi tree. 

Fuck yeah!


nina said...

It's because the bread on the grilled cheese is whole wheat. :)

asha said...

Standing ovation for Super Mommie/future Super G'Mom, followed by nervous glance at wildly healthy looking grilled cheese sandwich bread. Nah. It's just that she likes, nay, LOVES her vegetables.

eclectic said...

Way to go, Thea! (And you!) Veggies are so yummy, but it takes time to develop a taste for them. Yay for patience rewarded!

Roy said...

Are . . . uhm . . . are you going to eat that grilled cheese sandwich?

Don said...

The bike pump is for ... what?

Kristiana said...

it looks like a bike pump, doesn't it! actually it's the rubber, penguin-shaped arm of her chair. it hooks under the table and clamps tight.


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