Monday, November 07, 2011

Eye on the prize

I've got two colds dueling in my head, if that's even possible.  They feel distinctly different, yet conjointly miserable.  In fact, I still detect last week's mere single cold yet lingering, if merely a ghost.  Get one, or all three of them from me.  Go ahead, guess how much I care.  I don't.


I'm back on the road.  If still somewhat a diminished runner, my plans are grander then ever.  I applied to get a team into Hood to Coast 2012, and was denied.  It was a brutal stomach-ache of a week, repeated texts for my account balance, page refresh requests, internet stalking, tight-lipped lottery -- my iphone swiping finger is unbelievably sore.  I'm in the grief stage, the bargaining, raging, denying stage over and over.  It's done now.  I'm setting my sights higher.  Marathons again, ultra-marathons even.  Maybe someday ultra-ultra-marathons, someday when no body needs me anymore.

In the meantime, my head is a plague hole.



asha said...

Poor baby. Are you taking zinc lozenges? I highly recommend them and C, of course. Don't listen to Lee about C.

And bummer your team didn't get picked for next year. A cruel blow but I'm sure, in the, er, long run, you will not be denied. And until then, YES! Marathons and ultra ultras. Soon Thea Bella will be joining you.

I love watching the chuckle heads play ball. They are the simple definition of a good day.

Kristiana said...

no, no zinc lozenges here.

yes, the pups have their eye on the prize. always.

Don said...

I met someone recently who ran Hood to Coast. Who? Oh yeah, an engineer in our offices up there.

I am now in the early throes of Miserable Winter Cold Number One. I haven't opened any packages from up Portland way so I probably got it from someone else.

asha said...

Hey, scratch that Vit. C recommendation. I have finally joined the No C camp. Studies show that vit. C does not cure the common cold. Studies also indicate that vit. C in ordinary doses accelerates the growth rate of squamous cell carcinoma in mice and may interfere with the effectiveness of five anti-cancer drugs.

Of course I object to animal studies but that's another subject. The point is, zinc YES - extra Vit. C a decided NO. And no more yummy chewable vit. C (candy) for me.

Read more about vit. C here.

eclectic said...

Feel better soon!!

Kristiana said...

Don, it's still our cold. Every cold on the west coast has come through our house. Is it the one with lots of irratibility and mucus? That's ours.

Thanks Mom! Can I stop rubbing butter on this burn yet?

Kristiana said...

Thanks Sheri! I'm feeling better already. It must be all the Vit. C I've been taking. Or maybe it's the whiskey.

Roy said...

I'm late, but, zinc! ZInc works. That echinacea wellness tea works, but maybe only because it has zinc in it. I had the two week epizoodic version of that cold here in the midwest and the zinc makes it milder. I don't know about "cure."
I hope by the time you read this, you are better. You have a kid now, in school, so, get used to this. You might as well go to Chuck E. Cheeze and sneak into the plastic ball pit and lick a bunch of them. It will only make you stronger, if it doesn't kill you.

Roy said...

And PS, not to take away from you twin viral bout, but once I had two toothaches simultaneously. I'm not bragging. Just saying.


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