Tuesday, July 19, 2011

art haus

This hotel makes an impression. It's very futuristic -- hive-like with silent elevator pods zooming up and down the 47 floors of the atrium.

I'm lonely and awkward in a crowd. I left the reception party to take arty pictures of the skyline from the 24th floor.

Thea's first documented, confirmed dream. I was not there and she held a chicken and it bit her. She talked about it all morning.


Ahem: This above, it was not intended for posting. What I do? I save everything and publish nothing - but I hit publish instead and it seems disingenuous to unpublish, especially after having been commented upon. Here, have some pictures.


Don said...

Last time I stayed at a Hyatt (they all seem to have atriums straight out of a super-up-to-date thriller made in 1970) I decided never to go back. *Pay* for *internet*? Nuh uh.

Kristiana said...

Yes! But at least the comforters are down. I paid for internet, and I resent it.

asha said...

How did I miss this post? Jezuuuus. Especially with so few. Nice photos.

So.... notes are they? Thea's first recorded dream? Must hear more!!!

As for hotels charging extra for an internet connection? Bullshit! That's like charging extra for the bed.


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