Monday, April 04, 2011


We had a day of temperate spring. It was enough to mow down the lawn, throw up the windows, shake out the rug. It was enough for some playground business. Today, despite crack of dawn birdsong and unbound joy yawning in my chest, it is nothing like spring.

I do believe it is spring, despite strong empirical evidence to the contrary. I thought I heard "winter storm warning" on the radio, in the background, but I am not sure. 90% chance of rain for the next few days and a cold April, that is all I can find on the internet.

The bad weather stays in the background. That's the secret to living in this climate, on the days when you don't find slate gray churning skies thrilling. It's a brilliant bright day above the clouds. My mom will see that when her plane breaks through. She flew away early this morning.


Don said...

Did she eat the whole swing? Must grow!

Sorry you have Portland weather.

In that top pic she looks about six.

Kristiana said...

I only mind the weather when reminded how wonderful spring might be, if it wasn't what it is. I got just a touch of the fever enough to be discontent.

Six months you mean? Let's not rush things.

Roy said...

I love those big plastic corkscrew slides. I have pictures of my son emerging from them with his fine, blonde hair sticking straight out, like a dandelion, from the static charge he built up as he slid down.
So, thanks for sharing. Your reality is my memory, for now.

eclectic said...

Springtime shenanigans! Love the photo with Thea & your mom.


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