Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm surprised to see all the things I haven't posted here, that most of the accounting of my life is tucked away, unfinished in the drafts folder -- isn't that a woeful metaphor? This is what strikes me most about having such an irregular presence, is that when I load up my page I read fossilized moments. I suppose the animate intimacy of this blog died a long time ago.

There is still a lot of me here, if you see that or not. I have been posting for more than 7 years, which is longer than any other thing I have ever done. Is there any sense of time passing?

-My neighbor died and was buried between a holly and a rhododendron on a wet, wet gray day. The mud soaked through the leather soles of my husbands shoes. She was 99 years old, my age when WW2 ended, retirement age when Clark's parents brought him down to meet her as a new-born baby.

-Sometimes I have these awful days that just go on and on, punctuated by arduous cross-valley car steerings and driver-seat picnics. Today was that day. When I got home, Thea was all grown up, sang me songs and said "love you" for the first time as I squeezed her door shut at bedtime. Okay! Yes! It was me! She said it to me first!

I've been doing this since forever. This blog is a touchstone, one steady thing that time swirls around.


asha said...

Hallllllllllllloooooooooooo out there over there through the fog across the great distances that do not exist. I am told that seven years is the time it takes for every cell in the body to be replaced so, even though none of us are here, here we are. And now the story of Thea's first goodnight "love you" (spoken to lucky you) is here and the lovely story about your neighbor. Fossilized moments? Yes. Diamonds.

Roy said...

That is so neat. Another creature on the planet (one that you made) actually communicated with you, and said something nice, to boot. One of my favorite memories is of my son in his car seat next to me, smiling and looking around, then he caught my eye and said, "Happy."

nina said...

Makes me so very happy (the part about her words, and about your ongoing writing habit) to read this.

eclectic said...

Asha's comment about fossilized moments & diamonds is perfect.

For me, blogging is a bit of a time capsule, the cyber-equivalent of a diary. It's clearly not what people do anymore in the faddish way everyone did back in '06-'07, but I'm glad you keep posting. I think it's a lovely way to connect with people.

someone said...

ah, breath! I hope you never stop. coffee??

someone said...

coffee sunday? what time? where?


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