Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Baking

I'm making gingerbread in the shape of butterflies because certain economic forces seem to be manipulating the cost of cookie cutters in the shape of little men... at least, at the only one store I went to, where they were four times more expensive than any of the other cookie cutting shapes. I don't appreciate feeling like a beguiled holiday sheep and in fact and at the same time, have never met a butterfly that made me mad or hurt my feelings. On the other hand, there are plenty of people whose heads should be bitten off for doing exactly that, so clearly this line of reasoning has it's limitations. This is where it lead: I bought the butterfly shaped cookie cutter.

There was some nice unexpected floofery when I threw a measure of baking soda into the hot mixture of molasses and brown sugar, but other than that, the recipe wasn't unimpressive.* I baked up a tiny swarm of 20 or so butterflies and threw the rest of the dough in the garbage.

Cleaning up just now I somehow managed to slice -- emphasize: saaa-lice! my finger right the fuck open washing the sauce pan. Help me figure out how I did it. My niece Ashley, who is living with us this school year, is constantly complaining that our knives are too sharp but the last three (3!) times I have cut myself (and badly) it happened not with any of our razor sharp knives but, in this particular order: on the lid of cottage cheese container, the foil from the neck of a wine bottle, and now the lip of a cooking pot.** I clearly have thin skin, haha, but I'm working through that.

Anyhow... here's some videos of daily nonsense

The sign for mouse as it might commonly be expressed, can be seen here. In this dialect, the finger goes all the way up ones nose.

*But not so offensive that I didn't eat three (4) cookies.

**UPDATE: I whittled the tip off my finger with our super-sharp paring knife a couple hours after posting. I'm now triple bandaged and annoyed! Witness:


Roy said...

The universe tried to warn you.

What made me nervous was watching Thea slam the drawer shut. As if in slow motion. My eyes were riveted on her little fingers, thankfully pointed straight up.

It's been awhile.

eclectic said...

Cookies are delicious, and worth virtually any sacrifice of your fingers. Not mine, mind you, but yours, definitely. ;) Thank goodness for neosporin!

I love the sunglasses on the back of her head, and her howl of outrage when gravity prevails on the glasses to hurl them (unfairly!) to the floor.

Kristiana said...

I know. I've been so very nervous about her fingertips.

Kristiana said...

I'd give you cookies, gingerbread butterfly cookies, if you were here Shari.

asha said...

In fact, the cookies were delicious and, had the dough still been in the kitchen garbage can, I would have suggested we retrieve and bake it.

Kristiana said...

actually it WAS still in the garbage when you came, wrapped cleanly in saran wrap. keeping current on this blog has its perks. tsk, tsk


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