Thursday, November 18, 2010

Uphill bothways

It's probably doesn't need to be said that running is a lot more of a challenge these days. This week already there have been a couple of down days, days where I just had to keep bumping my run down the to-do list until oops, it was too late...

Take yesterday, when getting out to the street required a force of mysterious strength and origin. Thea, with four more teeth coming in, is in complete revolt from meaningful sleep... tired, pained, sweaty, willful... prodding her up and down the stairs, changing clothes tying shoes with one hand, the other retrieving her from the precipice of the stairwell.

Stuffing her into a sweater, jacket, two pairs of socks, boots, gloves and packing her tight into the stroller with a warm fluffy blanket over howling protestation. The draping of the stroller rain-bonnet brought on physical arched-body bucking...

This is absurd, this is totally absurd

...wrestling the stroller out the door, scraping past the awful, resistant glass screendoor into heavy, twilit downpouring rain and screaming outrage. See? There are a plenitude of reasons to say FUCKTHISFOREVER... but I know that we, she even more than me, need a change of scenery and some fresh gotdamned air.

There is nobody out here now, in this downpour, on this deeply puddled path. I only see one other person running and his clothes are plastered by rain to his body. It is almost full dark when I slow running to a walk, back where we started. I'll get home just before the wolves and the gusts I bring with me mean the inside won't be so stale anymore.


eclectic said...

The joys of the jog stroller... I keep thinking nostalgia will grab me and I'll start to remember those outings with more fondness... but so far, I'm just really glad I can exercise sans offspring these days.

I look at it this way: we do a lot of other even more annoying/disgusting/inconvenient/ridiculous things in the name of parenting, and at least this one ritual has some immediately perceptible benefits, unlike some of them (yes, I'm looking at you, Teaching-of-Cause/Effect-and-Personal-Responsibility, you pain in the ass, you).

All of which is to say, Well done, you, Kristi!" It's a feat richly deserving of congratulations.

Kristiana said...

yes, thank you... the jogging stroller, i love it, couldn't live without it, but on the rare occasion i get to run alone i am quite satisfied.

annoying/disgusting/inconvenient/ridiculous most definitely describes this last year and a half... diapers, sleep deprivation, a culture hysterical about milestones, competitive parents, unsolicited opinions, picky eating and the sneaking in of vegetables, brand-name strollers, scrambling for child care, diarrhea, constipation, hitting, biting and the struggle to demonstrate why hitting and biting are bad to someone who doesn't speak english... the fact that i am already awake at night that she might fall into the credit card trap during her first year of college if i don't prepare her properly... and how the hell do I do that??? and poop! ugh!


Roy said...

Yes, yes, all that . . . and I think poop is the worst.

asha said...

Poop I can handle. It's the credit card trap that brings me down. Anyway, congrats getting the stroller and all out the door and going. Moms are the hardest working people on the planet.


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