Sunday, November 21, 2010

So, today I was up bright and early because...

Last night I was talking to my mother-in-law and she was suddenly all flashing light haloed and starry. I blinked a few times and wondered if I had recently stared into a very bright, tracer inducing light, which, no, I didn't think I had. And a few minutes later, driving home I started to notice peripheral zig-zags in my vision field -- and I knew it was all over for me. I could feel the aneurysm pulsing in my brain.


It was a tough evening. I kept trying to sneak off to the couch to lay down, to fend off a physical discomfort what was crawling over me but Thea took the rejection hard and decided firmly that I was the only person allowed to handle her. So I drug myself again and again from the couch from a worsening state to ask her to sit in the tub, back to the couch... to convince her to submit to the washing of hair, back to the couch... to the zipping of jammies, back to the couch... and finally I just stayed and did it myself: the holding, the reading of books, the rocking of the chair, singing of songs and tucking of blankets.

When she at last went to sleep I crept upstairs with my laptop to Google the symptoms -- phantom lights, headache, nausea and willingness to go to sleep before midnight -- and holy fuck! Peripheral zig-zags, word-for-word? A migraine! What? That's so commonplace... no way! Then I ran downstairs to puke.

Anyhoo, the exciting part of my story is that I had a real life Migraine (ouch!) and went to bed with an icepack at 830pm which I have never, ever, ever done before under my own volition. Ever. Even when Thea was a brand-new baby and I hadn't slept for years. Ever.

I got up today earrrrly and it felt so right! Can I call myself a morning person now?


eclectic said...

YES! You totally can, and probably should. ;)

My first migraine happened during pregnancy, before the little tyke would have been viable. As I slumped against the refrigerator, so completely certain was I that my end was nigh, I said to my husband, "Please! Make them save the baby!" Ugh. Anyway, migraines are horrid. I'm sorry you've joined the club, and huge congratulations to you for dragging yourself off the couch. I honestly cannot fathom that. You are one bad-ass mama bear!

Roy said...

I hope if you become a morning person you also don't become a chronic migraine sufferer. My wife gets those and it's quite an ordeal, and they put her out of commission.

asha said...

Yikes! Migraine? Are you sure? Sounds terrible except for the in bed by 9 part. You better be sure that's what it is though.

So yes. Be a morning person ... write and have coffee before dawn. It's a fine thing to do.

someone said...

the next time it happens, call me. We'll have coffee.

I get "optical migraines" which, before the diagnosis, I called "the sparklies." When they happen, I can only see half of anything, and a sort of sparkly tunnel-vision follows. Not much pain.

They happen when my body is stressed but my mind thinks it can go on and on... and on.

this time of year, for instance.

Kristiana said...

Okay, yes. Having coffee with you would make me pretty happy. I'll email you soon with a date.

...calendar is around here somewhere...


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