Friday, November 12, 2010

Fresher air

The impossible 8 weeks is up and we got the approval from the veterinary orthopedic surgeon to begin taking Oweeeee for short 15 minute walks, twice daily.

The assessment at this point is that the healing progress is "less than ideal, but within the range of normal." Being less than ideal means you can still see the cut lines in the bone on the X-ray and a slight occasional hesitation to use the leg, all which should have no effect on his long term prognosis = %100 full recovery.

why do you torture me so? just let me die!

I wanted to tell the doctor that, you see, Oweeee is a thinking man and a extra-sensitive submissive dog who is probably depressed in his current state of inactivity. THAT is why his healing has been a little slow, THAT is why he sometimes still rests that leg on its toe when standing instead of putting his full weight down. I know my Oweeeee, he is a leg-cocker if even looked at with disconcertion. I have no doubts that now being allowed outdoors, he will rebound much more quickly.

So, anyway, less than ideal means another round of X-ray$ in six weeks. Blerg.

in my clutches! -- aaagh


jenny said...

These photos make my heart break in a million pieces, and then melt back together like homemade candy.

I love Thea and Oweeeee.

Kristiana said...

I know!! don't encourage me!

Don said...

Oh! Be encouraged!

Roy said...

I'm glad to hear Oweeeee will have a full recovery! Those are great pictures.

Kristiana said...

Yes, that is the plan... full recovery. Thanks!

eclectic said...

Oh Oweeeee! The photos... they're killin' me. Consider yourself not merely encouraged, but fairly urged.

asha said...

Holy god, those photos are wonderful!


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