Monday, August 16, 2010

Packing for Home

This has been a long exhausting trip. I am packing to leave tomorrow morning and there is still no signs of real labor. The expectant parents are at the midwife right now for another stress test, another ultrasound, a little bit more poking and prodding. It is seeming pretty likely that I won't be getting my hands on a baby this visit. Boo.

I don't necessarily have to leave tomorrow. I don't have any pressing concerns to get home to, but I miss my husband, I miss my dog, I miss my child transitioning easily and comfortably into sleep. As I write this Thea is screaming from the other room after napping for a mere 20 minutes. I am wondering if the pack-n-play is close enough to the shelves that she can pull the whole thing down on her head, or maybe get a foothold to climb up and stick her finger in a light socket. This child is killing me. The future should invent hover cams for monitorning kids. Aren't we living in the Space Ages! I wouldn't be wondering if she was ingesting a tube of zinc oxide I swear might be within arms reach of the crib. Damnit why is she so quiet right now?

Missouri River

Anyway, half of the family left yesterday. It was hushed and a little sad around here. I packed up from my seedy motel and moved into the baby room, cooked up a couple more casseroles for the deep-freeze, walked to the park, drank a couple beers with John. In the evening we walked the river side trail past some falls. I wouldn't call them Great... there must be something better because these look like they are only exposed because of the dam immediately up river, which was not here when Lewis and Clark trekked by taking note of the greatness of the falls ... anyway, they were Nice Falls behind which the sun set prettily and still, neither baby was lulled, theirs to labor, mine to sleep.

Mediocre Falls


eclectic said...

A full week past-due? Ugh!! Hope the baby comes before you have to leave, but I totally get needing to get home even if you don't need to get home. Be safe, all of you. Stubborn baby(ies) included. :)

Don said...

I get calls from the Mayo Clinic, way out in Minneso-o-ota, and the lady sounds like she would live in a place called Nice Falls, or Mediocre Falls, or maybe Okay Falls, where everybody's average and they're okay with it.

Kristiana said...

Shari - Yes, home is top priority now. I can see the new baby on Skype, which is a pretty good consolation prize.

Don - I have a strong bias about mediocrity and am happy to live in a place I consider exceptional. I guess we all have our own way of defining and/or accepting things, right?

Roy said...

Hmmph. They sure have little narrow rivers up there.

I love people from Minnesota. I don't know why, but almost everybody is real polite.

Anyway--safe trip home.

/brandon\ said...

perhaps lewis or clark meant to add a period after great, more of a sarcastic explanation of having to pull their canoes from the river. like, 'oh, that's just great. falls.' it would be more plausible, i suppose if the people in Ireland referred to their neighbor as Great. Britain.

My mother once responded to a request to watch my kids for the week as 'Great. Grandchildren.' I should have told her she looks young for her age.

Kristiana said...

Roy - I don't have strong feelings about Minnesotans really, as I can't think of even a single identifiable one to represent them all... which is what we do right? They are alright by me.

Brandon - They did have to portage 10 miles around them falls. Great, just great. History has been made.


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