Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yesterday I wrote a fairly annoyed few paragraphs about general misconceptions regarding sign language which I then decided not to publish. Yes, the assumptions and ignorant comments are ugh, fucking irritating, but they are not really offensive unless you work at getting offended, and they're almost never malicious. Besides, I think everybody feels exasperated about the things they KNOW that others DON'T KNOW. What's interesting about that? In fact, few things annoy me more someone yelling OHMYGOD THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS SOOO IGNORANT ABOUT MY SPECIALIZED NICHE AREA OF EXPERTISE AND/OR MY VERY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. I think maybe my peevishness about my job runs neck and neck with my intolerance for knowledge narcissism. IT'S A VERY CROWDED RACETRACK.

Anyway, all matters being settled, now I think I'll round us up and go for a hike. I have all kinds of very important other matters, like drawing up and sending out invoices but getting paid sounds so very boring.

Off to shirk then.


Don said...

So, speaking of sign language, why is it when people put up home-made signs for stuff they always misspell something?

Kristiana said...

do they have no pride?

Don said...

I thought of you last night when I went to the State Fair and saw Foghat rock the house and its population of new grandmothers with their low-cut blouses and tit tattoos and gray-headed beer-swilling second husbands but what made me think of you was the sign lady who danced and signed through every song. She was great. You ever think of being the signer on the rock and roll stage?

Kristiana said...

I am almost entirely certain that I don't want to be a performance interpreter. There is probably a lot of neurosis behind this, but I don't prefer the spotlight. The times I have interpreted in front of an audience, and I don't consider a full classroom an audience, I did not enjoyed myself AT ALL... but I am always happy to hear that someone has seen an interpreter working because most people have no idea what my job looks like.

eclectic said...

"Knowledge narcissism" may be my new favorite phrase.

Growing up, my family was friends with a man & his wife who were both profoundly blind & deaf. Leonard had achieved a college education and could speak, as well as "listen" by placing his thumb over your lips. With his other hand, he signed into Betty's hand so she could join the conversation. It was the most efficient interpreting I've ever witnessed. BTW, Leonard is the man who taught me my ASL alphabet when I was around 8. After I signed it back to him, he told me I did fine, but I had an accent. :p

Kristiana said...

Haha, that's a great story! I haven't done a whole lot of Deaf/blind interpreting but it is a fascinating process.


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