Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Play group

Thea and I went to the Portland Children's Museum today for Dance Together, a chaotic scarf-waving toddler class, the last of four sessions which we paid for months ago and were never able to attend until today... haha they have a cancellation/refund policy that I didn't bother to look at until just now... um, anyway, Thea peed her pants and I didn't check the diaper bag before we left so I didn't notice that there was not a change of clothes in there like there has been everysingleday for her whole freakin life. I have been hauling around a hulkinghuge bag packed for every possible contingency none of which were ever realized until today. That is probably not exactly true. Still.

Instructing toddlers is the height of futility so really, the parents (the moms actually because really, in the infant massage classes, and new moms groups and Tiny Tots at the library and MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) at the park, and Science Tots... all these baby group attenders are moms at a ratio of 10:1, with the one in ten dad being a sorta oversensitive stay-at-home sissy type HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!) anyway, the moms are dancing around trying to demonstrate nose-touching and hand clapping and the babies are like YOUAREFREAKINGMEOUT JUST PICK ME UP PLZ.

Sometimes they hit each other, sometimes they scream and run in circles, they put whatever they can in their mouths and often they spend some time just staring at the overly enthusiastic group leader. Once and awhile they try to bite her talking puppet hand. ANYWAY, Thea gawked and gamely held onto a FOAM DANCING NOODLE, but by the middle of it was overstimulated and refused to be put down. I can oblige a little baby pee so I just held her on my hip as we hopped on rubber squares and choo-choo followed-the-leader.

Then, because we skipped nap time to attend she was in a foul little mood and chased Owen around beating him with the green and sliver pinwheel that I bought her as we were leaving, which I swear is the exactly same toy it was when I was a kid. Poor Owen. I usually make him sit and take her attentions because she gets such a kick out of him scampering away, and dude, I can't think of anything more dangerous then a kid determined to chase down and torture a dog that towers over her. So Owen takes the petting, terribly put-out about it, but without his histrionics the fun is ruined for Thea, which is my job I guess and she wanders off to stuff the mail slot with tupperware lids. Except when she actually hits then hotdamn she gets scooped up by her armpits and deposited into a minute long timeout purgatory. Even for a fairly painless pinwheel beating.

That is what I did today. Plus laundry, a sassy lentil-barley soup and six miles in the afternoon heat.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yesterday I wrote a fairly annoyed few paragraphs about general misconceptions regarding sign language which I then decided not to publish. Yes, the assumptions and ignorant comments are ugh, fucking irritating, but they are not really offensive unless you work at getting offended, and they're almost never malicious. Besides, I think everybody feels exasperated about the things they KNOW that others DON'T KNOW. What's interesting about that? In fact, few things annoy me more someone yelling OHMYGOD THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS SOOO IGNORANT ABOUT MY SPECIALIZED NICHE AREA OF EXPERTISE AND/OR MY VERY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. I think maybe my peevishness about my job runs neck and neck with my intolerance for knowledge narcissism. IT'S A VERY CROWDED RACETRACK.

Anyway, all matters being settled, now I think I'll round us up and go for a hike. I have all kinds of very important other matters, like drawing up and sending out invoices but getting paid sounds so very boring.

Off to shirk then.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Runaway Artist

There is an unbelievable lull in the day just now, without work, baby or other distractions. She is napping, I think. Sometimes she wakes up and chatters quietly to herself and then I might not immediately know that she is awake. More often she wakes up at full speed. But for the rightnow everything is quiet and I have a moment to myself.

Lately I'm casting about for a little bit of independence, just enough to tend to living. Still, sometimes when I stand up and walk around the house to oh, eat food, brush hair, have a chore - whatever - she becomes insanely needy. Anytime I am not enraptured with her, really. That's funny, because my drive to do most things seemingly not Thea-centric are mostly still Thea-centric most often motivated out of deep and compulsive need to tend to her, to provide her with things like clean floors and clean clothes. For Thea, that is unacceptably not Thea nibbling rapture and she really wont have it.

Unlike that is the same child who runs away as best she can, which isn't yet a worrisome labor. I mean, our pace ratio is significantly in my favor for at least now. Her running gait is a sort of swaying goose-step panting-huffle and she breaks into it when clothing is attempted, doors are left ajar, or anytime she is unleashed in the wide open. Also in the direction of pets.

Today I took her and Owen to the church yard a block away to throw the ball and she kept walking determinedly down the alley walk, away. She never once looked back. I am pretty certain, and am likely to perform experiments of stealth to confirm, that she would have just kept going if I hadn't run and collared her. I'm pretty sure she would just keep walking away.

getaway artist
Just me and my ball chucker

DO YOU THINK SHE COULD WALK FIVE MILES my husband joked when I told him. He doesn't think this is something with roots. He takes things for what they seem. For me, GOD it represents everything. Like everything does.


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