Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well, Thea is one year old just now. Despite both Clark and I each having taken a trip to the ER during this last year, we made it without any trips to the emergency room for her, though just barely. She walks now, zombie-like, and as she made her way across the living room tonight she fell on her butt and chomped down hard on her tongue. I was on my way to a job and when Clark called me. I called the team I was working with that evening, apologized to her and turned the car back towards home. By the time I got there she was composed. The volumes, gallons, of gushing blood had ceased to gush and had been cleaned, clothes set to soak, medication administered, tears dried. Per the doctor there is no need to go to the hospital. We'll be feeding bland foods and giving her kisses. Otherwise, there isn't much to be done. The mouth heals quickly.

My mom is here visiting this week. She's standing in while I catch up on a years worth of sleep and Clark studies behind closed doors. He has been studying about 6 hours everyday after work, and 12-16 hours on the weekends. This has been our routine since the floors were done. I'm not happy about it. I'd like some help with the dishes and a conversation with my husband. I'll bet he would rather be doing the dishes too. By Saturday, if we did it right, he'll be a Certified Industrial Hygienist. It is the unsexiest job title in the world, the unlikely co-mingled impressions of impersonal-intimate and boring-icky come to mind. Still, any slight lead/volatile organic compound/radiation/asbestos irrational panic I have is usually handled with nerdy science talk, after which, the next day he'll bring home a 40 thousand dollar molecule-o-meter and zap readings all over the house, send in dirt samples and pat me on my irrational head. I appreciate it.

So, in the meantime, mom is here. I've taken three epic naps since she's been here.

More later. More on birthdays, this last year, this next year, life ahead. But later.


eclectic said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Thea! Can't believe it's a year already, but then, that time-kid warp always seems to take me by surprise.

Brooke crunched through her tongue at the sitter's house when she was just shy of 2. They can't stitch it. They're right, it did heal amazingly quickly... although not without a fair share of discomfort as I recall. So sorry for Thea!!

Enjoy this time with your mom -- and good luck to Clark!!

vahid said...

I'm looking forward to it. Happy birthday, Thea!

g said...

Poor baby Thea, i was afraid that would happen, seeing her toddling around with her tongue out. Well i hope its all better and she's having a really happy 1st birthday!

someone said...

coffee?? maybe this coming weekend?

Kristiana said...

I would love that. How about this coming weekend? I am going to have a party for Thea on Sunday I think, if I can ever get around to inviting people. I hope you can come for that?

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Norma said...

Remembering lots of things about that time looking through your blog. Except the sleep loss it all sounds familiar. Mine went to bed about 7 p.m. and I took naps when they did. It was the teen years that were grim. Babyhood was happy time.


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