Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers Day



Sleeping is the most highly prized commodity here. I got a lot of it today. Then breakfast, flowers and coffee under the apple tree. We bought plants, planted them, hung bird feeders and filled them with seed. Did you hear that mom? SEED.

In the afternoon after the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped I went running through the neighborhood with my posse. It was the best mothers day I have ever had.

mothers day run

Hope yours was too.


Roy said...

Did you hear that mom? SEED.

What's this? I heard your mom feeds her birds stale Twinkies. One of the neighbors reported seeing a large, black bird flying out her yard with half of a Moon Pie in its beak.

Barely cleared the fence.

eclectic said...

Mother's Day is always a bit of a mixed bag for me, because sometimes what I want more than anything is to not have to be someone's mom for a day. But that's sorta counter to the whole sentiment... and hurts the kids' feelings. So I try to plan a day of things we all enjoy together, but end up feeling like it's just another holiday I have to coordinate for everyone. *sigh* I'm an ingrate, I think.

At any rate, it looks like it was a lovely day. Thea's glasses are TOO cute!

Kristiana said...

Roy - I know... Twinkies! and french fries in all their heart-stopping goodness. Seed might be a hard sell.

Shari - I think it's totally understandable to want a break from being a mom. You'd be totally lying, or insane if you said if you didn't. Most evenings I can't wait till bedtime just so I can get a break, then of course, as soon as she is asleep I miss her like crazy. The best part of mothers day was sleeping in, which is only possible in the complete absence of motherly duties. I'm looking forward to the next time it happens in a year or so.

asha said...

SEED?!?!? OMG! And how is it that I missed this fabulous Mother's Day post? Seed and such fabulous photos. Yes, I know I used the word fabulous in consecutive sentences but what choice do I have? FABULOUS. Can't wait to see you fabulous ladies tomorrow!

-=W@1=- said...

hay all.....


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