Thursday, April 01, 2010


Hi, sorry to the few people who like to comment here but I'm going to moderate comments from now on because some jerkwad in China keeps spamming me. WHOEVER YOU ARE I HATE YOU.

When I recently changed my blog after years and years with that The Most Lackluster of Presentations format to the second most lacking of luster formats of all times that I have now, I lost the haloscan code so all my old comments disappeared. They were still housed somewheres until Haloscan got rid of all freeloaders' comments FOREVER and, well, this is an awfully lonely blog now.

I just can't have the populating majority be spammers.

Anyway, it's pouring rain and all my houseplants are waiting outside under the fantastic impression that I am going to have the time to transplant them into nice clean pots with nutrient rich dirt. HAHA.

I am terrified now that they'll all become trojan-horses for the invading slug army and my sanctuary in this hostile slime-land will be invaded. I do love it here, rain and petulant skies the most, but there is always that lurking horrible menace. Over time, the instinct to fear has not lessened at all.

I took my niece to get her lip pierced last weekend for her 18th birthday, then sent her back to college on the greyhound.

I waited standing at the counter commiserating with the tattoo artist about the nighttime habits of babies. It relieves me to know I'm not the only irredeemable failure, derelict in the administration of my boundaries and lacking the vigor to hear a baby cry out... to hear it told. I was so judgmental on this matter once! Ask my friend Kate!!

I really am embarrassed about it.

head on fire

Anyway, comment moderation. It's a lonely job.



Roy said...

Some days I just think the Internet is turning into a giant cesspool. Thinking that I am not alone, I had an idea for a reality TV show wherein special teams of Regular People break into the houses of spammers and demolish their computer rooms (or parent's basements) with baseball bats, then leave them only a Packard Bell Pentium computer with a 15" VGA screen, and then force them to watch cat videos on youtube for, like, several hours.

Your niece looks very rad or gnarly. Is that what the kids are saying now?

Kristiana said...

I love it, Roy! Let's make sure to sneeze all over the door handles too.

Don said...

The images floated into my consciousness while I was reading about garden slugs and my backbrain said, whoa, someone got a haircut. But it was someone else.

It seems anything that becomes available to the vast crowd of mankind becomes a cesspool. Is it all elitist of me to say that? Well, we have our little garden spots, it just sucks that they need armed guards.

Kristiana said...

Don - I think anytime the masses swarm on something, the swarmed upon are bound to take an elitist stance. The masses ruin everything! Break-dancing and punk rock come to mind. Damn the masses and spammers! We'll all have our turns being elitist.

eclectic said...

Your niece is beautiful! And lucky to have a cool auntie to take her places. I think everyone needs a cool auntie or uncle to take them places you just wouldn't want to go with your parents. You wanna sign up to be Brooke's cool auntie, too?

Kristiana said...

Thanks Shari! I forgot I was the moderator and almost didn't publish your comment. oops!

Yes, I want to be Brooke's cool auntie! Send her to me, we'll go get matching tattoos!!

Roy said...

Is it a secret, or can you tell me how you made those pictures?

Kristiana said...

No secret! I recently downloaded two iPhone camera apps from Art&Mobile. The first picture was taken using the Toy Camera App and the second was taken using the Old Camera App. Both take really fabulous pictures. Best .99 cent app evar!

Roy said...

They do a good job. Better than what I usually accomplish with Photoshop.

someone said...

I have a russian spamming me. Dammmit.

coffee? scrabble? both?

Kristiana said...

i agree. it sorta debases the human effort but is yet aesthetically pleasing.

Kristiana said...

yes, lets do both. i need some leisure time. by the way, my mom will be here next week. i guess she'll have to be the one to keep Thea from swallowing the tiles while we play.

Leigh said...

Totally intrigued by your blog. I am new to this myself. I am a military wife going through another deployment and felt I needed an outlet. Tonight, out of curiosity I began clicking “next blog.” Yours was about a half dozen in. Once I started reading you had me. Being of a slightly voyeuristic nature I hope you don’t mind my “watching” your blog that speaks of a world entirely different from my own and as equally fascinating. Thea is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Kristiana said...

Hi Leigh, thanks! I'm glad you found me. I've added your blog to my google reader.


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