Friday, September 11, 2009


I went to work today and found myself not at all on the schedule but stayed to work nevertheless. I'd made the mistake because I set my event calendar to start it's week on Monday and not on the traditional Sunday of printed puppydog calendars like the one I leave lying around with my work schedule written onto it so my husband will make sure the be here and care for our child. That same column on the computer which represents Friday, represents Saturday on the old fashioned glossy paper calendar. On the misconsultation of the two of them, I packed my kid off to the grandparents and went into work when I shouldn't have.

Brilliant x1.

Once there I realized that I still have to work tomorrow, as per both calendars, the same times I came for today, so quick-like fired off an email to my huzzband about how I wont be home until after 4 tomorrow and queried would it be worth it to go camping as we'd planned because the drive was 4.5 hours according to Google maps, not including boob/poop factor (which is what I wrote).

And the response I got was IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! WHERE ARE WE GOING?? LOVE, CLARK (clark's cousin clark).

Brilliant x2.

So I emailed my huzzzband Clark and he wrote me back WTF? and started calling me in a nervous fashion and when I finally was able to call him back he was like DOOD, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? WE ARE GOING CAMPING NEXT WEEKEND, NOT THIS WEEKEND.

Brilliant x3.

So today I was in the wrong place, sending the wrong information to the wrong person about the wrong time. It's like I totally walked around the world and tapped myself on the shoulder. I'm so wrong but I feel right, right, right.

In other news, this is a damn cute baby. Don't even pretend otherwise.

My mom took this picture, which I think might be the greatest baby picture of all times.


asha said...

That truly is the greatest baby picture of all time. :)

Ps. What's with word verification? I hate word verification.

Kristiana said...

I don't know... I changed the layout as you can see and it changed everything. All the old comments and everything are gone. Oh well.

Letters to Absolem said...

Stumbled onto your blog. I have definitely had a day were all the things I do aren't the right things but I feel pretty okay otherwise. Also, that is proabbly the cutest baby ever and ergo, the greatest baby picture.


Kristiana said...

Thanks Justine! I think so too. Justine was on the very short list of names we had picked out. Actually it was one of three but we went with Thea because of the family connection. Good name!


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