Friday, April 03, 2009

32 weeks

People who tell me their labor horror stories or try to touch my belleh don't bother me at all, because the former fascinate me, in my information gathering stage like I am, and the latter, well, that doesn't really happen. I think belleh-touchin' is a myth that women like to get indignant about... either that or the expression on my face would make anyone think twice about copping an unsolicited feel.

(I think, honestly, most people aren't that interested in your gestation, and often times their inquiries are made out of politeness. Fair enough, I don't expect the world to revolve around me because I am pregnant. Anyway, nobody likes that woman. That woman is universally despised, though I have never met her.)

Anyhoo, I did recently have to listen to someone else's birth story and wanted to throw my shoe at her mouth, but it was because of her glowing fertile earth-mother positivity. She'd overheard me talking to a friend about feeling anxious and rushed over to assure me that she had felt nothing but joyjoyjoy at the birth of her son, and nothing but euphoric, blissful joy since... even still, 14 rapturous years later. I know what she was trying to do because she went on and on, countermanding the modern day OUT-OF-TOUCH fear and negativity associated with giving birth because ITS ALL NATURAL, RIGHT? SOMETHING WE WERE DESIGNED TO DO, yeah mother nature and all that crap. But what pissed me off is that I AM ANXIOUS AS HELL, and yes, I HAVE AN OVER ACTIVE AMYGDALA and I LIVE IN FEAR ALL THE FREAKIN TIME and for that I AM A FAILUREFAILUREFAILURE. Thanks a lot for making me anxious about being anxious.

Fucking hippy.

She is probably right, at least about implying that I shouldn't be fear-mongering myself into hysteria like I did this very week. I totally had a panic attack: a frame-shaking, hiccuping snotty mess of a panic attack. The whole tizzy.

I just do that sometimes. Like, I was at work reading some article about maternity ward-issue mesh panties when, just at that very moment I've got to turn and interpret something I know nothing about, rocketshippery or cacti propagation or some such twaddle, and it's like a electrical current collision in my brain and my chin starts quivering so I say YOU JUST PUT THAT AWAY, WE'RE ON THE TOPIC OF MANATEE HUNTING HERE so I stuff it and guess what. Boo.

It's not that I am reading the horror stories, rumors and wild inaccuracies that make up 99% of the body of information out there on the internet. That isn't what does me in anyway. I'm reading blog posts about must-haves for your hospital bag, and I AM TOTALLY POWERLESS TO UNPLUG MYSELF, BECAUSE AGH, THE FUTURE IS BEARING DOWN ON ME.


I am better now. It's out of my system for the time being. At least, I've got my National Interpreter Certification test coming up in a few days and that has given me the freedom to ignore everything but the fact that I BETTER GOTTAMN PASS IF I EVER WANT TO BE LOVED AGAIN.

Yay! I can direct my hypervigilence elsewhere, at least for the next 4,951 minutes!

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