Wednesday, December 31, 2008

add one more burrito

We went in to the maternity clinic today thinking we'd find out the sex of the baby but it turns out that the ultrasound is not actually done at the clinic. They are scheduled by referral to an ultrasound lab place, which someone forgot to do. Arg, are you kidding me? I already didn't sleep last night; the added delay is almost unbearable. With my best urgent voice I managed to get an appointment for Friday morning. I was hoping to roll into 2009 with a pronoun for It, the little unit kicking me in the bladder who burps like a sailor.


It is New Years Eve! How crazy is that? At midnight tonight I will open the front door for 2009 and rush to the back door to let 2008 go out. 2008 was not a bad year, but it was a hard working, no-frills year.

I had no speeding or parking tickets, and only one bicycle flat on a downward trend for two years now.

Got a pup and cleaned up poop from all over the house.

Dreamed about bears. A lot.

Rode the Worst Day, ran the Shamrock, the Pear Blossom, rode Reach The Beach, and ran the Marathon, all together covering 1026 foot miles and pathetically few bike miles.

I went camping only 4 nights, canoed 43 miles, did not fly by plane, and stayed in a hotel room only once. My candidate won, I killed only one frog, attended one wedding and no funerals, rode not one roller coaster, and not one Ferris wheel, lost zero hubcaps, coffee consumption, as well as burrito consumption was low.

We painted the trim on the house and paid down thousands of dollars in debt.

Like I said, 2008 was a working stiff of a year but 2008 got me knocked up and I spent the last five months of the year pregnant drowning myself in lemonade. Grow lemons, grow!

Happy New Year! Much love and appreciation to everyone who reads and comments here. I hope 2009 is full of tall tales and heart swells and much needed improvements.

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