Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reach the Beach 2008

I have to study for my certification test which is why I figured out how to download songs saved on my computer to my phone as ring tones. This is so LIBERATING! If you call me and I don't answer till the tenth ring it is because I am enjoying a Finnish Polka.

Reach The Beach 2008

So I have to study which is why for the blog post too. Kara over at Between The Miles tagged me with 8 Things You Might Want To Know and I can't think of a better time to tell you.

1. I hatehatehate having hot water on my face.
2. I have elegant toes.
3. When I was a teenager I thought my friend John and I had the same dream, like we'd astral-projected into the ethers and hung out together there, but now I think he was just fucking with me.


4. Sometimes I suspect that I could just slip between molecules, but get too excited to do it because I can't quite fathom, but do sense, the quantum possibilities. Other time I am, like, WHATEVER! CRAZY YOU.
5. My Dad is downstairs watching the news with my husband. They like each other a lot.
6. My Dad is here now, and has been here (in a more general sense) for 12 years, before which he was gone for more than 17 years, but before that we hung up pretty much ever day for like, 6 years. Then later I sued about the whole explosive fiasco for 400 million but only won a few million and only got a thousand bucks, to be paid twice yearly for four years. The checks are always late.
7. No, I didn't sue my dad, and no, it wasn't about the money.

Little brother

8. I don't really burn, I tan slowly. I rode a hundred and two miles to the beach yesterday with my brother, my sister-in-law, my dad, my aunt and my uncle. It was hot but I didn't die at all like I have been known to almost do and that was pretty lucky.

I have a blueprint for my family that won't be realized for, like, fifty years in which I am a Grand Dame and benevolent matriarch of a well loved clan and all the extended loved ones. I am taking lessons in part from Clark's twin auntmother, and in part from my desire to have a running team. Me and my team, we will run 1000 mile relay races living in vans. I will be 90 and wear shortshort running shorts and tell everyone how loved they are. AND YES THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE

This weekend is evidence that my plans are well underway. However, if I don't pass my certification test this Wednesday, all is lost. I best go study.

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