Monday, April 07, 2008


Owen got sick again and while we were away one afternoon broke through the baby gate so he could poop extra stinky diarrhea all over the carpet instead of on that pesky slick old linoleum floor we keep in the kitchen. So we went off to the vet again, and paid $50 to have them look at his poop again, and it came back negative for parasites, again. In the meantime he puked a few times here and there just to make a point.

My poor baby!

That didn't solve the diarrhea problem but the vet did refuse to give him his shots that day and instead rescheduled him for another appointment two expensive days later. His eyes started gooping up with yellow snot and he refused to eat more then a few bites of food. We took turns waking up and running him outside every couple hours through the night and I fretted loud and often about possible dehydration. I left messages with the doctor and she never called back.

Meanwhile, Owen otherwise didn't act terribly sick. Being in quarantine from other dogs he took to harassing the cat as if she were also a frustrated, desperate-to-play 4 month old puppy... that is, hopping up and landing with both paws pinning her down then thrashing her about. Willie doesn't seem to be terribly concerned and does little more than slap clawlessly at his face and hiss once and awhile (she certainly isn't bothered enough to get up on her feet and walk away because that would be exercise and Willie does not do exercise). But I am concerned because I keep ASKING HIM TO BE GENTLE, AND OH BY THE WAY NEXT TIME POOP/BARF OVER HERE but nothing in my power seems to have any impact on anything, ever, at all, whatso-uselessly-ever. ARGH!

For a whole week I simply failed to exist.

Finally, after some research I decided maybemaybe it was his food that was too cheap and dirty and was the source of his health problems. We took him off IAMS which is an ex-good brand now total crap and switched him to Orijen and overnight, literally the next morning he was pooping normally and his eyes cleared up.

Finally fully vaccinated and restored, yesterday we took him to the dog park for the first time. After two blissful hours of being charged and mowed down by packs of full grown dogs running at top speed, rolled in mud and grit and covered in slobber we brought him home and he slept the entire night through.

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