Monday, March 03, 2008

Occams razor

I am so sick it is disgusting. I am so sick I started crying with my head in Clark's lap on Saturday night and all weekend shuffled around the house wheezing, sweating and covered with goosebumps. THERE WERE TEARS OF MISERY GLISTENING ON MY CHEEKS.

Even though I can actually see a germy residue on everything I touch today I went back to work mostly because I rarely even have to talk and am able to impose physical distance between me and my clients. My head is otherworldly and tracking has proven to be somewhat difficult (I shouldn't even be driving!) but luckily two of three of my jobs so far today have been no-shows.

I am sitting at the Fresh Pot on Mississippi Ave waiting out the next hour and half before I work again. I have a teapot, cough drops and wadded up tissue everywhere. It is gross, I know. I am in the window and it is actually raining inside. Yes. There is a pipe that runs along the inside of the twelve foot window frame and it is dripping water and the water drips are splashing onto the nine foot window frame and then sprinkling down on me like mist. At first when it happened I thought I my arm had fallen asleep because it felt like tiny prickles, then it started on my other arm too and I was like OMG I am having a stroke/germ-induced tactile hallucination!

Outside the window it hasn't rained for over an hour so it can't be a leak IT CAN ONLY MEAN MY EMINENT DEMISE till I noticed tiny droplets of water on my keyboard and on the counter around me and finally the dripping pipe in the corner.

Ugh, I need to go track down more tissue.

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