Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Circle of life

I went through the car wash today! I love going through the car wash because it makes me feel like I am being swallowed and pooped out by a monster. I love going through the car wash for the same reason I love driving off the Sellwood Bridge and getting hit by trains and traveling with grizzly bears (ask me about Monday's feverish nap)... because besides sometimes thinking traffic might make me late, my life is relatively danger-free and it lulls me into forgetting that I AM GOING TO DIE and who wants to live in a traffic jam forever?

Because life is like traveling with a grizzly bear who is all sentient and fun and cuddles with your dog and then if that bear goes and tears open your chest cavity it would do so still without ever betraying its nature. There is nothing you can not love.

Anyway, my point is I might have written my first guest post! Yes, almost a year late (because threat of death doesn't seem to work) and yes, out of order. And no, I have not forgotten WHO BUTTERS MY BREAD and I think about WHO BUTTERS MY BREAD everyday and even menace myself with a hair-shirt but HOLY CRAP I SWEAR I AM DANCING AS FAST AS I CAN.

The post might, or might not be up in a day or two. Check and see.

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/brandon\ said...

speaking of having ones chest torn open, oh, there is not enough juju and nacre in all the world to get over knowing that i will never get a guest post from you. forsooth!


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