Friday, February 01, 2008

P-Day minus seven

Sunny, 7.5lbs

Let me make this clear: THIS ABSURD LITTLE UNIT IS NOT MINE. My pup is landlocked in Wyoming because of prohibitively cold winter weather. The pup you see pictured above is from a litter born in Salem, our capital city just a 45 minute drive south of here. This infant, who isn't even yet a "puppeh" because he can't even quite yet operate in four-wheel drive is the new baby of my in-laws. Their wedding gift to us, besides graciously and unassumingly footing most of the financial burden for that event, was our new (eventual) puppy in the event of Edison's (inevitable) death. And they thought LET US LIVE LARGE AND GET ONE FOR OURSELVES.

Our dog is from a breeder in Wyoming, a breeder who specifically breeds champion retriever dogs. I have written about all this before and I think I posted something about it here, about my misgivings regarding expensively bred dogs and even though I know this is the battle I am choosing to not pick I can't help but have niggling, worm-like soulful objections. I believe the world is whole and cannot be factored out. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE ABOUT ME (in case you were wondering about certain intractable failures of my character). Whatever. Don't get me wrong...

Or get me wrong, just don't get me started.

Anyway, our pup, who I already do love fiercely, was born on December 7th, the same day as this lethally adorable, infinitely lovable, brother-on-law baby, and (great unjust universe!) won't be coming home until next weekend, weather forgiving. In the meantime I feel reasonably consoled with Sunny here.

I still believe you gotta meet a dog to know their name, but having a short list ready doesn't hurt. I would love to hear any and all puppy name suggestions between now and Friday (P-Day).

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