Sunday, February 03, 2008


We went to a superbowl party for a couple hours this afternoon, then left just a few minutes into the game. This day, for me, is about eating chips and cheese dip, and all these red faced old dudes analyzing football on the telly kills the deal. Anyway, I was standing there talking with my husband and his friend Doug when, right in the middle of a sentence, I had the oddest sensation in my brain. It was almost like standing up too quickly but instead of rushing vertically the blood moved horizontally sounding internally like Doppler effected shoosh. It was not induced by any actual movement, I had merely stood there talking and my thoughts were just washed away confused in a rush of blood draining or flooding, ebbing or flowing. I am not sure which. I struggled to think and muttered something universal to the faces I found myself talking to. A moment later equilibrium returned and I felt perfectly normal.

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