Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old Year/New Year

Deschutes River, New Years Day 2008

I don't faintly feel obliged to recount the last year which might be one of the bestest highest achievingest of my life were it not for the fact that I feel like the same old person. I mean, despite the fact that I am cellularly, in part, the same person I was when I moved back to Portland, in part the same person that I was before that, that the tree that blossomed into me does have very long tendril roots, and despite that still the cells purge and regenerate, though admittedly slower all the time, that there are still some cells metabolizing that reside in me twined to a life now totally alien... but still... another year has passed and everything is new.


Last year I met a crap load of bloggers and some more then once, got married (HOLY SHIT) and love married life (HALLELUJAH!)... swam with stingrays and turtles... held paws while putting to sleep, at different times, two sagely and favorite dogs... had no flat tires... no speeding tickets... graduated with a degree (that actually reads 2006 not 2007)... moved... got a new job, a couple of them actually... got stuck in traffic... and did not make anybody cry for notsogood reasons for once.

2007, like 2006 scores off the charts for stress levels related to life events but with waaay more awesomeness and genuity.

And, my blog passed its 4th anniversary a few months ago, a milestone I raised an eyebrow to but did not feel compelled to raise a hand for. Yo, 2003 to 2007 and still tapping away.

Happy New Year!

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