Thursday, January 24, 2008

New twist

Sometime recently, around Christmas maybe, my wrist started hurting... twanging or popping mysteriously at random times when I bend my wrist side-to-sideward. Where in the range of motion exactly the twang starts to twang I am not sure, nor why sometimes and not other times. It is the left wrist, the one I broke almost two years ago. I don’t know if it is rehurt or all new hurt. I started wearing a wrist brace to limit movement, then took it off when it limited movement enough that I determined that I had only imagined the problem, then was forced to rebrace myself when the joint again popped.

Right Human Anterior Distal Radius Ulna Carpals

The brace I was using, turns out, is for carpel tunnel syndrome the doctor explained to me when I went in for an examination, which wasn’t the brace I should have been using. More desirable is a wrap that provides compression for its swelling prevention tendencies. So I have been wrapping rather then framing my wrist with a metal insert.

There is a fine line I am finding between compression and cutting off all circulation but I am always investigating that boundary trying to get closer and closer without having to watch the veins on the back of my hand swell and feel the temperature all the way up my arm change ominously.

Right Human Posterior Distal Radius Ulna Carpals

The doctor thinks the break changed the internal anatomy of my wrist joint and yes, it is permanently changed. Perhaps there are calcified spurs that snag and hold the connective tissue like the plucking of guitar strings. Just the other day I realized I can release the worst of the pain by clenching my fist and forcing the wrist down and in toward the crook of my elbow until I feel the most tension and finally a POP, and though a little residually weak everything for the moment returns to normal.

I wonder how this is going to evolve over the years, how it will affect my interpreting and more importantly my aggressive driving abilities. I suppose I can still gesture significantly with my right hand though from its more internal, landlocked location it is inherently less responsive and therefor less expressive.

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