Thursday, December 20, 2007


This blog lives somewhere in the back of my mind. I live in one corner up near the front, a little place I have cleared in the clutter... mountains bisected by an abyss between. So I don't get around here much. Plus it is cold upstairs, up where my computer sits idle day after day. I do all my internetting on my phone now waiting for the traffic light to change.

AND, if I could do anything to flatten out the crests and valleys of this wave life I would, and sometimes I mistakenly identify neglect as an act of simplification. Jettison!

Turkey Trot 2007

I am out running but in a greatly reduced capacity. It was such a hard hit injuring my ankle and it has taken me months of prodding my memories to rekindle affection. Now I am nurturing those embers. I run like a coiled spring full of potential energy so that I feel wound around my spine. I run tall, I run with my shoulders back and my lungs wide open. I run as if it would take little more then a fragrant breeze to unfurl me and open my stride until I was running faster even then I run in my dreams. To imagine myself coiled gives me the illusion of control.

Christmas 2007

Tuesday morning the phone rang at 5am with news that our puppy was whelped, one of a litter of two boys and four girls. Just now when life was starting to resemble something serene along comes a riot of puppyness. Just in time. Naturally, pictures will be forthcoming.

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