Saturday, October 06, 2007

It is gonna rain the whole time I bet...

I was totally crossing my fingers when mine was the first named called and tighter till there was no blood in the tips when they said Tom would be my partner for the scavenger hunt. I was like, DAH! DAMN cursecurse but smiled brightly. We took our clue outside into the blue finger twilight and started puzzling away. Naturally we were the fastest on bikes on the fastest bikes and naturally we made easy small talk having a lot in common as sworn enemies often do.


Oh gosh, we won. It was fun.

Tomorrow is the marathon. I am counting down from now 12 hours, 29 minutes and 6 seconds until the starting gun. Though it isn't very exciting only being able to walk I am still going to count the seconds down instead of telling you the rest of this story.

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