Saturday, August 25, 2007

I case you didnt know already

This is Hood To Coast weekend, my most best top favorite number one event. I am NOT ABLE to run, although I know I could and why didn't I just do it anyway cause then I would have to drop out of the marathon (which I did anyway) and I'd have a swollen ankle (fer awhile) but its not like I don't anyway... I totally played this wrong... but I didn' that is.

Instead! I answered the patriotic call of volunteerism which sounds similar to the draft because a team can be DQed(!) without three (3) volunteers BUT while you MUST GO you go to support someone you LOVE doing something you LOVE to do.

So I volunteered. I was sent to Sandy at Exchange Point 6 where the first van hands off to the second van for the first time.

Exchange Captain

Luckily, having a square jaw and prominent forehead got me picked for Co-Captain of the entire Sandy Exchange which means my new best friend Doug and I got to wear Race Official hats and after whipping the junction into a well oiled machine stood back and exercised our power by forcing everyone onto the gravel and occasionally flexing on our subordinates. The HTC Race Director even came down and told us we were the most well organized exchange (so far) and I was like weak in the knees and OMG DOES THIS MEAN YOU WILL GIVE ME A LIFETIME OF RACE ADMISSION but I didn't really say that I just tried to act sociable, at which I always fail.

When our exchange coordinator came back he informed us we'd had so many extra subordinates because he'd just learned that we were supposed to be posting people all along the route where the leg takes turns from the main highway. I learned the subtle yet distinct comfort of middle management; power without the buck.

After four and a half hours of stoic service the second shift took over. I got to keep the hat and got a sweetass Army issue Leatherman tool from another volunteer whose husband works for the company and assured us the tools we got weren't even available for retail.

I was home and having dinner with friends well before my husbands van rolled through the Sandy exchange, being that the faster a team is projected to run the later in the day they start. He is probably running past the Burlington Tavern on Hwy. 30 right now, in the dark. OH MY GOD I JUST HAD A TWISTING DEEP IN ME HOW CAN IT BE... argh.

Anyway, I bought him a huge big bouquet of flowers and will be waiting at the finish line tomorrow afternoon IN MY TEAM SHIRT and my RACE OFFICIAL hat which I hope will get me to the front of the beer line at the very least. Or maybe I'll wear a bikini and ask if I can touch his medal. I love being married!

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