Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wedding Bliss

The weather forcast doesnt extend quite yet to the 21st but I have an active imagination. Whereas before I doubted the sunflowers would bloom, now I am afraid they will be past their peak, that they will have all fallen and be seed food for rats, in the rain.

We were told confidently that only 60 to 70 percent of invitations would RSVP that they were able to attend, but only 8 out of 98 declined. With children the head count zoomed from an estimated 75-100 people to over 165. Eaters, drinkers, sitters, toasters, and handshakers. I increased the caterers head count by 50%, ordered another cake, more tables, more chairs, porta-potties, kegs of beer, cases of wine and champagne.

The garden is hours, every day hours of watering and weeding and staking and mowing. Edison eats only premium cuts of meat and Willie faked a urinary tract infection because there isnt enough of me to go around. I could get a daily massage daily for the cost of our monthly pet bill. I am packing my house into boxes.

I went to pick up my dress today but it was too big again. I was gasping for air when she sized it down before and I cant eat anything but pickles and beer so it was even bigger today then it was before. I COULD HAVE IT READY TWO DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING she says. I should eat a sandwich or something.

This is like the plant monster from that movie, cause at first you bring it into your life like a mere accessory, then later your life becomes a chore of feeding the plant at any cost. The wedding is a eight legged space monster alien brain eater.

Now its going to rain. The tent will show up a day late. The little girls will be muddy. The caterer will serve huge bowls of beautiful food that will resonate with thunder and lightening. The children will run in packs like street urchins tearing down lights and breaking flower stalks. My dog will die when I am away on my honeymoon. We are hemorrhaging money and I haven't even RSVPed that I am going to show up, for sure.

But if I do, one month from now I will be married, back from Puerto Rico, will have moved into a new house and will be looking for a job in my field because I just graduated from school.

I cant believe it! Only 10 days left!!

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