Thursday, July 12, 2007

I wish I was a giant

Today is memorable because for one afternoon my jeans fit me perfectly and they stayed fit. These small truimphs can not be overlooked.

Its pouring rain outside. I think this is pre-party jubilation and am not immune to its charms. The lightening looks like a party somewhere else, like watching a strobe light through the curtains from the street and you cant count the seconds because the thunder just keeps rumbling. I am a peeping tom hiding in the door jamb, eyes skyward. I wish there were no electric lights behind me, that there was not a pot boiling on the stove. The rain falls and falls. I wonder if the sunflowers have bowed under the weight of this water.

I went running during the hottest peak of the day. It was one of my neighborhood runs but I took it so far away that there were no hills and there were no cars whizzing by deadly inches away. I wrinkled the map and ran across the folded ridge, ended up over a hundred miles away... altogether for a four mile round trip. When I got home I was a half a cup of sweat wet.

Its raining now. I could get all wet effort free if I just step out from under the eaves.

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