Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Every race is a good race

I had the best of intentions, woke early, fruit smoothie, skin lube, dressed for heat. I trained plenty but failed in execution. I didn't taper, couldn't resist an uphill seven and a half mile battle on Sunday. I didn't eat right, didn't rest long, didn't drink gallons of water the day before. I didn't carry any gel packs or water bottles. I've been preoccupied I guess.

Traffic was backed up for miles to get onto the island which is accessible by only one two lane bridge. The grassy field parking lot was full. Overflow parking was almost a mile away in another field and by the time I got out of the car and applied sun screen the starting gun was only minutes away. I ran all the way back down, hit the pre-registration table and was pinning on my number when the gun went off.

I set an easy pace for the first few miles, planned to hold back until mile eight but by the fifth mile I couldn't take it and doubled my pace. It was a mistake. The sun was brutally hot and the water stations were understaffed and spaced too far apart and the finish line was a million scorching miles away.

I wiped out much earlier then I expected and by mile 10 was running slower then I had started. I remember my legs felt fine by my arms felt so heavy, so so heavy I had to hug them close because I couldn't bear their weight. I was nearly dead when I hit the last mile and thought I might have to cross the finish line crawling. Two runners ahead of me were rushed off by the paramedics after collapsing within yards of the finish line. I came in running but had nothing left for my 100 yard kick. Nothing left. I finished ten minutes behind my goal pace but I finished.

Chip Time/Pace 2:04:41 / 9:31

At least I didn't die in the tar pits and coal beds. Whew.

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