Sunday, July 01, 2007

21 days...

I had the strangest dreams last night. I cant say what exactly but you were all there as your totem animals, rabbits and avatars. I am trying to put it together.

All day today I wound white lights into the apple trees, all knotty limbs wrapped around me. I am scratched and covered in flakes of bark. The leafy trees lit up white will be sublime.

The sunflowers have grown a full foot since I was last over there and they are starting to bloom in earnest and with feelings of great devotion. I whimper and clap my hands because a gust of air passes through me when I see all these budding blossoms. On one of the branching sunflowers alone I counted 15 buds.

The Grey Striped sunflower Roy, is the giant single bloom sunflower that tends to steal hearts, win top prize at the county fair, whose seeds are large and striped grey and feed a congregation of birds.

I spent all afternoon lighting only one tree from an orchard of trees. After dark the tree is so lovely, especially up in the leaves where the lights twinkle obscured. I think this one I will rewrap, then the others just the same. I have thirty or so more boxes to go and now that I know what I am doing and how I want them to look I'll move right along casting light.

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