Sunday, July 01, 2007

20 days

I spent my day up in the trees again. The apple trees, the brittle pear trees and the sticky plums. There is a scratch across my forehead, bugs in my hair and bark in my ears, in my pockets and under my clothes. So far I have twirled out 23 strands of white light, have 29 more to go.

Clark worked in the garden beds clearing out all the flowers past their prime, the dead and dying foxgloves, dried up brown blossoms, heavy foliage. In the biomass of uprooted plants he found one last blooming hearty orchid.

Yesterday the ceremony musicians backed out. And the sound guy went out of town and I bet there is nobody in the whole city who will play acoustic guitar into the sound system that probably wont be there.

Then we got a phone call from Clarks brother whose daughter is in the wedding. He called to say they took her measurements backward on the measuring tape so the dress I ordered is being made like the inverse hourglass of a 9 year old girl. The dress is paid in full, no returns, no refunds. Its fine though, I have like 475 hours left to manage all the unexpectedness. I probably ordered a dress being made in China by slave labor and who wants that kind of dress anyway?

This morning I sat with the florist who is making flower garlands for the little girls to wear in their hair. We sat in the garden and watched dragon flies. YOU'LL BE JUST FINE she said IT RAINED DURING MY ENTIRE RECEPTION AND WE STILL HAD FUN.

In the evening I went running in search of hills bearing as little as was possible, all the way up to the top of the ridge and back down through a small park by the river.

Only 19 days left!

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