Friday, June 29, 2007

22 Days...

There is so much to catch up on but I probably wont be able to.

The first sunflower is blooming. I am all a knotted up even though slowlyslowly they are opening. We are still getting a lot of rain and not quite enough sun for a full flower explosion. I am shining as hard as I can.

The giant Grey Striped sunflowers might not bloom till well after the wedding. A few volunteers got a head start but most of the buds are not quite this big just yet.

Edison is doing well. I feed him from the palm of my hand most days foods richer and more varied then the foods I eat. He has good days and bad days and the arc between is dramatic. His bad days make me weak in the knees but then on the upupleap I believe inbetween the seconds that maybe he is getting better. Maybe it was just recalled pet food, indigestion. But the moment passes.

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