Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Will I really Reach The Beach?

I'd better. After all, people have paid good money to get me there and if I ever develop cancer years after years of smoking cigarettes I will be glad that I did. And that you did.

(by the way i fixed the link)

There are a couple of people who donated anonymously, who were identified by name to me through the RTB website. I either don't know you by your real name and/or haven't heard from you yet. Either way, I will scream it to the world THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Nina is officially the first person on this blue planet Earth who has paid me to write. In a manner. The money goes directly to the RTB/American Lung Association. Still. Still....

...its like i'm a real writer!

I was thinking I'd either write a wordy and voluptuous post about the ride itself, or maybe something more absurd and idiosyncratic like... ... Vedic scriptures and how I almost got married off at the age of nine. We'll see.

Anyway, thank you again for everyone who did and does contribute. I'll ride my ass off for you!

Edison Update

Edison has been on prednisone for almost a month now. He responded well and was almost immediately springier, though hardly himself. After two weeks we lowered his dose and he began to languish, trembled and labored, got shadowy.

I consulted the vet and we decided to bump him back up. The goal is to find the lowest therapeutic dose to keep him as comfortable as possible. Right now that seems to be a pretty high dose. He is much better again, thrashing his favorite puppet and wagging about. He has gained about four pounds and usually eats most of what we feed him: rice cooked with chicken broth, eggs, bread, a little bit of hamburger.

In two more weeks we will try to lower the dose again and see how he does.

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