Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Team work

Tonight I trained with my Hood To Coast team for the first time. The team is sponsored by the company Clark works for and every person on the team but me works for that company. This week though Clark is working in Ashland so I went down to the YMCA track by myself and walked up to groups of people with a hazy eye for faces until I found the right group. They were the first group I walked up to.

We ran through the wooded slopes of SW Portland, across the OHSU campus in the rain and back down from those lofty heights to earth. Approx 5.75 miles. I like it when someone takes the lead and just tells me where to run and how fast because I don't feel any pain and I don't know how the seconds tick. I look at their back and I follow, running. I just do what I am told and I am very good at it.

But I am primarily a lone runner. Every week I set up Clarks training schedule but I rarely (rarely) run with him. I so rarely run with anyone because when I am alone I feel every second if it brushes past, breezes by or violently collides with me. I like to feel my own pain. It leave me euphoric for hours.

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