Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seven years of bad luck?

I have an old hand mirror that was my mothers. A few weeks ago it slipped in slow motion from the shelf, hit the side of the tub and landed face down on the bathmat. 'That was a lucky fall' I thought but I turned it over and even though the glass did not shatter it was cracked through and through.


It isn't a particularly nice mirror, doesn't flatter me on bad days and isn't aging gracefully but I cant bring myself to throw it out. There are discolorations like liver spots on the back, jewels missing, the corner is smashed.

Why are you keeping this around? I say

But I have no reason to hang onto the past. My attachments are fast and loose. This mirror, I have been taking care of it a long time and all it does for me is reflect back the things I like least and it isnt even doing that anymore. Is this thing from the past going to ruin the incredible future I am posed on for seven awful years?

This mirror should have belonged to someone who wasn't going to smash it on a tub, someone perhaps in a small sunny apartment above a coffee shop somewhere who spent their days painting and caring for the few things they owned who never wasted years of their life raising children with destructive tendencies who cared little for the past. IT SHOULDN'T BE CLUTTERING UP MY LIFE WITH ITS IMPERFECTIONS!

Maybe I'll throw it away next week. Maybe I'll ask about getting it remirrored. Is that even possible? Can this thing possibly be fixed?

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