Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh Darlings!

I am just about sunk under with all the this and the that, the work hours and the homework hours, trying to ward off death with magic beans and vicious kicks and dog pills snuck in peanut butter.

There are a thousand wedding details like points of interest on the map insert? and the secret booty shaking emergency dance mix I have to send off to the DJ and what kind of font looks best on the invitations? Should they have rounded corners? Ummm..... will there be a God in the ceremony? Only a little g-god. But you wouldn't know anyway would you? Fanning yourself in the sun waiting for the I DOs so you can hurry up and hit the bar.

There are sunflowers to be thinned coming up in fistfuls per square inch and soon zinnias to be transplanted. I have banking to-dos but work banker hours, and marathon training runs after dark, two months late to apply for graduation, and one half of one half of one incomplete class left. I have to call in to get my dental insurance going but I work dental insurer hours and today I mailed out bills by the pound, deadheaded my pansy pots and ran 6.2 miles.

My Dad will be here on Friday with my cancer-ridden dog Cairo. We'll be on the road for Reach The Beach in about 79.5 hours, and no later then 87 hours from now I will be hosed off, fed and drinking a beer in the sand.

Cairo and Edison can compare tumors and maybe he'll pull back his ears and show her his hallow cheeks and she will say I KNOW! DUDE, CHECK OUT MY HIPS because in cancer there is deep camaraderie. Below his coat of fancy feathers he is just bones. Backbones and skull bones and rib bones and his big thumping ridiculous heart. My god, what a fool dog.

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