Friday, April 20, 2007

The grooms ring

We are going out of town this weekend as well, the both of us this time off to Bellingham for some custom wedding ringing for Clark to match his grandmothers ring which will be mine. Clarks mother is an identical twin to her twin who lives there so far up north and I love her so much I keep Clark dusted and oil his joints. I am marrying for his family really, as much as I am marrying for him.

moments before we broke the news. my left wrist was still so stiff
I could not rotate it far enough to hold my wine glass

Last year we announced our engagement to his family at a gathering of almost 30 people out on the Oregon Coast for Memorial Day weekend. Before though I begged for time, hate that moment and when he would put it off no longer and he raised his voice I actually turned for the door and would have been halfway to highway 101 at a full speed run if it were not that the folds of his family surround me.

the ocean put on a smile for this photograph, so seemingly calm here

His brother, my brother took me aside before that moment on a fishing boat out at sea and said CONGRATULATIONS, I AM SO STOKED FOR ME CAUSE I GET YOU and I hugged him while the boat bucked and swayed in the worst storm since 1857. Strong men puked and lay curled in the cabin. I was far too mesmerized by the ocean to be sick how powerful a surge still pocked with drops of rain.

I want to drown, like wow!, but I was born with a caul over my head and I would likely fail. Instead it'd just cast a pall on the day and I'd be fished out of the black water on a hefty hook anyway, kicking. And still would have to bear the announcement. It isnt the news, it is the weight of the moment.

calm heads prevail

A year later we are still getting married, more so by the moment. Tomorrow we are leaving for Bellingham.

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