Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm out fifty bucks

Okay. I have plenty of excuses. Lots of pots on lots of burners. The wedding is burning, the job needs to be stirred, I have no friends in my spice cabinet. Gad! Really!

But I haven't even started to train for this ride yet, though I have always felt more confident riding with only foot miles of training then running having only pedaled. But I have to do more then just ride a bike....

Soooo (I suck at this kind of thing) I cant bring myself to talk about money unless I absolutely have to. And in this case I kinda decided months ago that I would just pay the fifty bucks myself and that would be good enough. AND I TOTALLY WILL....

But, if you think you might possibly be kinda interested in considering sponsoring my ride I would think you were really really cool. Plus! you get to find out my real name. Which everyone knows by now anyway.

And just to sweeten the pot, if you donate at least twenty bucks I will write you a personalized guest post that you can put up on your site, print and tear into a million tiny pieces, claim you wrote yourself or hold onto until I am famous and dead and can then sell for your twenty bucks back plus inflation.

Or, maybe I should do it for just five bucks. Shoot. Its hard to calculate you own market value.

I bet I could think of other incentives too, like I could write your URL on my back and then make eyes at other riders so they would be all curious and come click on your blog.

Let me say that $50 is the floor not the ceiling.

Anyway, I dont know how this whole thing works and I dont know if they will notify me who donated what but lets just see what happens.

If you donate and dont hear from me immediately, or you hate me for just asking email me at asiakennan at yahoo you know the rest.

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