Monday, April 09, 2007


Saturday we filled pots in the greenhouse while it rained. While it did not rain we planted sunflowers a fistful after a fistful. We finished the seeding of over twenty eight thousand (plus) individual sunflower seeds in garden beds. Immediately the crows moved in. Subtract 20% bird tax, then only 90% are guaranteed to germinate subtract another 10% and we are still in the neighborhood of twentyish thousand sunflowers.

But it rained like crazy so we moved in for part two of Operation Summer Wedding and planted zinnias in fifty count flats all day, and the next... and even today for another three hours.

All together (so far) seventy two hundred zinnias by hand each seed. I plant each one with a little prayer that does not translate well into language but if it did it would go something like this:

GOOD LUCK! (life is good, dont die, please grow)

After all, lets not kid ourselves.... seeds are shockingly small, and for each one a tiny funeral.

I want to spend all my days like this, in the fecund humidity of a greenhouse composing prayers for plants.

Once and awhile to stretch my back, I went outside and took a million and a half pictures of the tulips and azaleas and the ornamental filbert, plus a predictable gazillion pictures of my dog. Wait till you see those pictures. Woah.

In the meantime Clark ran around the perimeter building an irrigation system for our seeds.

And the nursery/graveyard population grew...

.... and grew and grew.

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