Sunday, April 01, 2007


I went running at dusk tonight, through Oaks Bottom towards the lights of the city. I parked above the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and ran all the way to the Rose Quarter then turned away from the lights and ran back.

I went running down in the darkest places tonight. I ran down by the river between the overgrown brush and the railroad tracks, through the tiny fires of hell. I wore my headphones down the dark path where it curved away from the city listening to 10,000 Virgins sing, down past where the men wait in bushes for the weak and knew I would not hear them when they came for me.


Tonight I am sick and have a fever. Mid-afternoon it was like someone punched me in the stomach so I went home and lay down, cold in a hot bed. My fever is climbing. Those damn kids.

I started writing this post last night after a 10 mile run. I always map my run and leave the browser open for Clark because he is my mother hen.

When he came home I was literally in midsentence creating for myself a massive change in fortune and he yelled YOU ARE SO BUSTED, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID, I KNOW WHERE YOU WERE, WHAT THE F*CK WERE YOU THINKING and I am laughing hysterically because I was just killing myself out of curiosity but then he gets upset and calls me cocky so now I am contrite and will not run in the dangerous dark.

But I am going to post this anyway because I am mad at my mom and want to break her heart a little. Maybe she will buy me a pony.

Back to bed now. I am freezing hot.

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